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Startup naming is important. You need a name that's short, easy to pronounce, easy to spell, not easily misunderstood, and lends credibility.

And most of all, you need to it be available in all the right places.

Domain names are tricky to get right. Most all the good ones are taken. People often settle with unprofessional looking TLDs (.co, .biz) or ones that are just too techy (.io, .ai) for a broader audience.

Story: I’ve personally experienced the pain of an uncommon TLD. I helped launch a popular .io startup and I spent years having to very carefully pronounce the name (often multiple times) to each new person I spoke with about it.

Especially when talking to folks outside the tech world, there was always an unnecessary friction (e.g. “What does .io stand for?”). Eventually, we spent tons of money to end up getting the .com anyway.

Founders often spend countless hours of research, brainstorming, Google searches, domain lookups, etc. in order to pick a name. Great domains often cost 5 figures or more!

Introducing BoxedName. We give you a "name in a box", so you can get up and running immediately and focus on creating something valuable.

Our name requirements

Here are some of the characteristics we pay attention to when choosing a startup name:

Available Name

We will offer one name package for sale at a time.


The name: Splitsaw.

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